The tools that have made WhatsApp Plus very popular with Internet users are those that allow “infidelity” between couples. In this note we will tell you how to download the original version of the cheaters’ favorite instant messaging app.

Although it is an APK of the original application WhatsAppthe truth is that the additional functions that this “pirate” version brings have made more and more users opt for this option compared to the official one. Goal.

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone, you must first bear in mind that since it is an unauthorized platform, to install it you must resort to web portals and no to electronic app stores because they can’t you find it in these

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Also, before installing the “Plus” version of WhatsApp, you will have to remove original appleaving no trace on your mobile device, so in addition to uninstalling it, you must delete the file “Web.WhatsApp”in case it is in the Applications section.

In addition to this, in the Setting of your mobile phone, you will need to go to Security and locate the option Unknown sourceswhich you must activate so that there are no problems in the process of downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus.

And, as mentioned almost at the beginning of this note, since you have to resort to web portals to download the “hacked” version of WhatsApp, you may run the risk of installing malware on your device, so it is better to do so. do from secure pages. .

Among the portals that offer the safe download of WhatsApp Plus are Softmany, AndroForever and APKUnlimited. All the above alternatives are reliable options to download the APK without running the risk of getting a virus on your cell phone after installing it.

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Once you have installed WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone, do not forget to use its special functions for cheaters, such as putting a password in a certain chat, managing to hide the conversations that your partner would not want to see and thus avoid cyber-conflicts.