Opensignal, an independent provider of network experience and performance data, has published its report on the fastest Internet in Canada.

They analyze the overall experience of our users across all network technologies.

They rank providers in a number of different categories, including 5G reach and availability as well as 5G experience for activities like video streaming and gaming.

And after a month of tough headlines, there’s some positive news for Rogers and its customers.

For 5G reach and availability, Rogers was number one.

5G Coverage Range/Signal Aperture

The 5.2 score for Rogers means customers had 5G access in 52% of the places they visited. Bell and Telus were right behind them with 4.9 and 4.8.

5G availability/open signal

Availability is the measure of the proportion of time people have a connection to the network, in the places they visit most often. Rogers beat Bell and Telus by 1.4 and 1.9 respectively.

Gaming experience/Opensignal

In terms of the 5G experience, Rogers also scored some wins. The players had the best time on Rogers with Telus second and Bell third.

Download speed/open signal

Rogers also outpaced the competition in download speed, beating Bell and Telus by more than 6 Mbps points.

5G/Opensignal video experience

People looking to stream their favorite shows have had the best time with Telus. Bell was right behind them in second while Rogers came in third.

Voice/Opensignal application experience

Download speed/open signal

Telus customers also had the best time with their voice app (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.) and download speeds. For voice application, they share the victory with Rogers, while Bell shares the crown for download speed with Rogers far behind.

So, the question of which internet provider is the best for Canadians really depends on what you are looking for.