Slow internet, warnings Spam emails And higher than normal consumption is one of the consequences when a neighbor abuses your Wi-Fi signal. This kind of situation is not only inconvenient but can pose many risks because your public IP address is shared with individuals that you do not know and who could use it in illegal practices.

Therefore, the take you Separate some signs that your network is being used by third parties without your permission as well as some tips to avoid this kind of situation,

Learn how to protect your wireless internet from unwanted visitors – Photo: Disclosure/TP-Link

Internet at lower than normal speed is a sign of connection theft – Image: Reproduction / Cancel Splash

When it comes to wireless connections, slow internet times are common. But if you’ve done all the basic actions (restarting the router, changing the Wi-Fi channel, repositioning the antennas, etc.) and the internet is still slow, it’s possible someone is misusing your signal. .

An easy way to check this is to turn off all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network and access the router app on your smartphone. If it shows some bandwidth consumption, that’s a sign that your neighbor might be stealing your internet.

In the router settings, all devices connected to it are listed – Photo: Reproduction / Fernando Telles

The best way to find out if someone is using your internet connection is to go to your router settings. There you can check all devices connected to the network. If a device you don’t know appears, it’s probably the intruding visitor.

The problem with this method is that depending on the model of the router, the tool model is not selected through it Mac address. But there is a solution to this, which is Download a specific program To discover devices connected to your network.

Use of your IP address by third parties may trigger spam alerts – Image: Disclosure / Tenda

Spam alerts are a defensive mechanism for many websites to prevent attacks. DDoS This can overload the server and cause various issues, like getting deleted. Therefore, it may happen that you try, for example, to perform a file search The Google and receive a spam alert to verify that you are not a bot.

If this happens with a certain frequency, it is very likely that your network is being used by third parties. Since the public IP address is the same for all devices on the network, it is very likely that a thief will use your IP address to perform less noble activities.

Ads that you don’t usually see are another warning that someone might be using your network – Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

Similar to spam alerts, you may receive different ads than normal when someone steals your Wi-Fi. Some personalized ads are targeted to a user’s IP address. So, if an intruder accesses content that you don’t normally consume, it could change the type of ads you receive on devices.

How to prevent them from invading your Wi-Fi?

1. Use stronger passwords

A good password increases protection against hackers – Photo: Disclosure / Mercusys

The easiest way to block other people from using your Wi-Fi connection is to use a file strong password, preferably with numbers and special characters. Also use the protocol security WPA2/AES or new WPA-3 To prevent hackers from discovering your password. It is also recommended to change the password from time to time to make life difficult for hackers.

The WPS button makes life easier for unwanted visitors – Photo: Anna Keelen/TechTudo

supplier WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is present in most routers modern. It eliminates the need for a password to connect devices, just press a button on the router to make the call. The problem is that WPS communicates via an eight-digit PIN code, which can be easily detected using online tools. Therefore, to increase security, it is better disable the option when not in use.

3. Block intrusive devices

MAC address filtering increases network security – Photo: Reproduction / Paulo Alves

The most extreme position is to allow Only authorized devices can connect to the network. Most routers have this feature. Thus, each time a tool outside the list tries to connect, the connection will be rejected. This option can easily be disabled to allow licensing to new devices.

4. Keep your router up to date

A router firmware update provides better protection against vulnerabilities – Photo: Isabela Giantomaso / TechTudo

Router manufacturers are always on the lookout for potential vulnerabilities and Bugs which can be exploited by hackers. Therefore, it is important to always keep your device updated to prevent your connection from being compromised.

Usually, the update can be done through the router settings and the user is notified whenever there is a new one. Firmware Available. There are also instances where you need to go to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest version.

If your device is too old and no longer receives updates, consider purchasing a file Last model To ensure greater protection.

In the video below, learn how to set a Wi-Fi router password

How to Set a Wi-Fi Router Password