We all enjoy a game of Wordle over our morning cup of tea or coffee, it’s just a shame you only have a bite of cherry to solve these puzzles. Fortunately, Wordle’s popularity has led to the appearance of several clones both online and in various mobile phone app stores. This includes a new multiplayer variant of Wordle, which can be downloaded for iPhone and Android devices now.

Word Fight is a two-player puzzle game, where each player aims to guess the mystery word in as few guesses as possible.

“Challenge your friends to see who can guess the mystery word the fastest,” the official description reads. “Win your games to improve your ranking – and see who emerges victorious in the ultimate word fight!”

As part of the game, you can challenge friends or strangers to fights to crown the champion in Word Fight.

You can see the position of the letters your opponents guessed correctly, or you can choose to see your opponent’s words.

It’s a fun twist on Wordle’s already excellent formula, and one that should appeal to the more competitive among you.

You can download Word Fight for free from the iOS app store and Google Play for Android.

As for Wordle, the everyday word game has become a global phenomenon that has spawned a thousand clones.

The game asks players to find a five-letter word using the process of elimination.

If the letter tile turns gray, the letter does not appear in the word you are guessing. If the tile turns yellow, the letter you guessed is in the word, but not in the correct position. If the tile turns green, the letter is in the word and in the right place.

The app keeps track of your stats, showing how many correct answers you got, as well as your winning streak.

If you fail to solve the puzzle, you will have to wait until the next day for a new Wordle to be published. You will also lose the winning streak you worked so hard for.

You can even make the game slightly harder, by enabling hard mode for increased difficulty. In hard mode, you cannot use incorrect letters twice in the same puzzle.