While the foldable space largely focuses on devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Oppo Find N with their single-screen designs, Microsoft is trying to do something different. The Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 offer two separate screens that aim to provide a different kind of multitasking. Think of it like using two monitors with your computer, rather than using one big screen for everything.

Since Duo Surface was introduced, people tried to get Windows 11 on it, especially since there is an ARM version that would theoretically work on a mobile device. Good, @gus33000 did just that, because they were able to get a working version of Windows 11 on the Surface Duo.

Currently, it appears to only work with the original Surface Duo, and you’ll need the version with at least 128GB of storage. This is because instead of replacing the Android version entirely, you will actually be dual booting Windows and Android. Your phone would work as it did when you picked it up from the store when accessing the Android side, but you’ll need to connect the Duo to your Windows PC to start Windows.

While this is a really great concept turned into reality, it’s not exactly the most usable solution. The developer notes that while you can boot into Windows, you can’t use your Duo’s touchscreen, network, cellular, cameras, and other features. Basically, you should probably stay away unless you have a Surface Duo that isn’t your primary device. Development on this project will continue, so hopefully we’ll see the possibility of actually using Windows 11 on the Duo, but until then we recommend watching remotely.

If you want a weekend project, you can find the full guide on GitHub linked below: